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A Look Into the Future of Media and Storage: The Ends Define the Means



As part of our ongoing 2012 broadcast and video forecast, this week filmmaker Mark Philip Lichtenstein, Director/Editor at Man Powered Films, proposes several emerging trends that could prove to be popular this year. Mark has written, directed and edited for film and television, covering everything from documentary and hard news to narratives and video art.


Mark Philip LichntensteinAccording to Mark, “The end use is the thing that will determine the next trend. I think a big thing in video will (or perhaps should) be the ability to shoot with a camera that perhaps wirelessly transmits a copy of the video to a laptop computer. This could mean an AE could sit on set organizing the video as it comes in during a shoot and perhaps even cut rough cuts of scenes. Certainly, it would reduce the time spent putting things into the computer in post. If I recall, there is a device similar to this for still cameras. The big problem with cloud computing in the field is that wireless data isn't cheap and anything that wants to be widespread needs to be not too expensive.”


Mark went on to say, “I can see flash memory RAID arrays becoming a thing, but the downside to flash memory is that with a limited number of read/write cycles, you can have it working just fine on Monday, and Tuesday it decides never to work again, so you'll always need a backup.”


As Mark’s final point, he added, “I also think it'd be interesting to see something like the Drobo Pro only with removable flash memory chips, so when one burns out, it can be replaced and doesn't lose any data. I don't think an iCloud-like system is the answer. " We thank Mark for his insight. There is no doubt that the tools we use — and the way we use them — continue to evolve, and we believe that staying on top of those changes is crucial.


Stay tuned for more predictions, coming soon!


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Regarding optical storage: I stopped using CDs and DVDs. They are a short term storage solution and the size limitation does not make it useful for backup purposes. I am actually thinking about removing my laptops optical drive to make space to fit a SSD.

I would have had Britney Spears say the real reason she shaved her head at the peak of her mental breakdown was because she wanted to improve her hair growth and not as a way to avoid a potential drug test.

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