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    Huayuan Street,Langfang Economic & Technical Development Zone,China

      American Metal Technology (Langfang) Co., Ltd. is specialized in machining metallic components and parts. our output of precision casting is 2400 tons per year, and 1,000,000 machined parts per month. Our products apply for: valve part, pipe and fittings, Automobile parts, Aerospace parts, Marine hardware parts, food machinery parts,etc. AMTG adopt advanced silicon sol shell investment casting process, and various advanced precision casting equipment, certified by ISO9001,ISO14001 and PED. Now we are one of the most largest OEM enterprises, with large scale and advanced technology. We have been reliable Global Supplier for many Multinational Company. Products selled to all over the world.

    Our services in the following sectors: 

    Manufacturing industry

    Food / beverage industry

    Petroleum and chemical industry

    Construction industry

    Automotive and aviation industry

    Shipbuilding Industry

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